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About Lucy Partners


About Us

Lucy Investment Partners is comprised of investment professionals with an array of expertise in all aspects of an investment cycle from deal origination to transaction advisory and financial modeling to investment management. Individual members of the team have held senior positions at leading private equity, investment banking and multilateral financial institutions where they have gained tremendous exposure in fundraising, investor relations, deal structuring, negotiations and subsequently portfolio management in the Ethiopian context.

The team includes professionals with financial, operational, strategic, legal and compliance, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) backgrounds. Furthermore, the investment team brings the necessary experience and gravitas to deal with in-country regulatory bodies, has great commercial judgment, and a combined value creation track record of more than 25 years.

What sets us apart

A leading Ethiopia based investment advisory firm with the unique combination of successful and experienced local and international investment professionals


Ethiopian based investment advisory firm

The Ethiopian private sector is relatively new and requires deep local understanding and strong understanding of the local dynamics. Our firm was started by experienced investment professionals with a long term vested interested in the country. Our clients regard us as local long term partners with a reputation to effectively manage entire cycles of investment cycles. Therefore, we can create trust, access attractive proprietary deals and assist our clients with extensive strategic support.

Strong local network

In Africa, local relationships are key for sourcing the most attractive deals, since over 65% of all successful deals are sourced from people who know each other. Our local operations in Addis Ababa and our model with local entrepreneurs currently ensures access to an overwhelming number of leading companies in Ethiopia.

Cohesive team for value creation

We believe that a team combining successful local entrepreneurs and investment professionals is crucial for value creation in frontier markets. Our team ensures effective value creation based on local entrepreneurial intelligence combined with strategic inputs from investment and management consulting professionals with a private equity angle.

Trust and shared purpose

Our team is built on mutual trust, shared purpose and team members have known each other over a long time. We believe this is the basis for a strong team that can deliver superior and sustainable returns for our investors.
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